Wallalong Rezoning Proposal

Why Wallalong?

In 2011, Port Stephens Council identified (through the Port Stephens Planning Strategy 2011-2036) that Wallalong could be considered as a potential location for greenfield urban development in the Port Stephens LGA.

It is important that Council consider the future growth of the Port Stephens Local Government Area. Wallalong is just one of a number of areas identified that may cater for future growth in land supply for residential dwellings.

Why does Council have to consider this proposal?

In accordance with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act Council is obliged to consider any legitimate planning proposal that is submitted.

What is the process from here in relation to the Rezoning proposal?

1. The proposal was received by Council in December 2012 and is currently being assessed.

2. Once the assessment is complete a report will be submitted to Council providing recommendations relating to the proposal.

3. If Council decides to support the proposal it will be forwarded to the Department of Planning & Infrastructure as part of the Gateway Process.

4. Gateway is one of the first steps in the State Planning process where the Minister will determine if the proposal has planning merit and will decide if the proposal should proceed. Gateway is really a checkpoint to determine if the proposal has justification before community consultation and more detailed studies are required.

5. The Minister (if satisfied that the proposal should proceed) at this stage will provide conditions relating community consultation and more detailed studies and reports.

6. Following community consultation, the proposal will be further assessed and submitted to Council with recommendations.

7. If Council supports the proposal at this stage it will be submitted to the Minster for a final decision.

Read more and have your say on the Port Stephens Council website.


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