Project Management

With over 30 years’ experience in a wide variety of small and large scale projects, Le Mottee Group provides its clients with a unique combination of services allowing complete, practical and flexible project management solutions.

Most developments have 4 distinct phases

  1. The approval process (Obtaining Development Approval etc.)
  2. The pre-construction process (obtaining quotations, etc.)
  3. The construction process (approving claims for payment etc.)
  4. The post-construction process (registering plans of subdivision etc.)

During these processes a vast range of professional consultants, contractors and bureaucracies will be involved. It is necessary for your sanity that you have a central point of contact that is managing all of the forces at play.

From beginning to end, Le Mottee Group will execute, monitor and control your project, and take care of the procedures and protocols to achieve the desired outcome.

Please call us on 02 4987 1748 or complete our contact and request a quote form to discuss in more detail how we can help you.