Subdivision Development

Residential, Commercial and Industrial

What is a subdivision development?

Subdivision is the act of dividing land into pieces that are easier to sell or otherwise develop. Subdivisions may also be for the purpose of commercial or industrial development, and the results vary from retail shopping malls to industrial parks.

When can you subdivide your land?

The first professional contact to find out whether or not it is possible to subdivide you land is your local Consulting Surveyor. If he does not already know the potential for subdivision of your land, he knows exactly how to find out.

How much will it all cost?

The Consulting Surveyor performs subdivisions on a regular basis in the normal routine of his business. He can tell you the costs that you will have to meet to create your subdivision.

What is the first step?

Your Consulting Surveyor is the expert on subdivisions. In consultation with you he will determine the best possible layout, balancing the various conflicting criteria of maximum number of lots, Council Restrictions, shapes, sizes, topography, traffic flow, road and servicing cost, etc. Your Surveyor can prepare the submission and make application to Council for approval.

What to do upon approval?

After some weeks the Local Council sends the approval to the Surveyors, setting out the total of Council’s required contributions with a list of conditions to be completed before Council endorses the subdivision plan.

Construction for larger subdivisions

Your Surveyor is expert in design and preparation of engineering plans for road and drainage construction. He will measure the levels of the land and the positions of the nearby drainage and services to make the design possible.

Provision of Services

Appropriate applications to have water, sewer, power, telephone and gas provided to the new subdivision can all be made by your Consulting Surveyor.

Final pegging and plan

Registered Surveyors are the only ones legally permitted to mark boundaries of subdivisions in accordance with the Surveying Act.

After placement of all the required marks the Surveyor prepares the subdivision plan and the documents to create any restrictions or easements for lodgment with the Land Titles Office.

Once the Local Council has endorsed its certificate on the subdivision plan and all interested parties have signed it, the Surveyor can have the plan lodged at the Land Titles Office on your behalf.

After some weeks the plan will become registered and title documents issued. The new subdivision is now complete and you are able to transfer ownership of the new lots.

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