Torrens Title subdivision of

duplexes and units

Dual Occupancies require careful coordination because they have two components- Construction of dwellings AND Subdivision.

As you can imagine, Builders don’t do Subdivisions and Surveyors don’t build dwellings so it is important that communications between the builder and the Surveyor are concise and timely.

A typical example of the process would be as follows:

  • The surveyor would go to the site and prepare a Contour and Detail Survey (see the Section on Contour and Detail Surveys for more information.
  • The Contour and Detail Survey would then be forwarded to the builder who would use the information to design the duplex or units.
  • The builder would then forward the design back to the Surveyor who would then prepare a plan of proposed subdivision.

In this manner ONE Development Application can be made to Council which would gain approval to both build the units and Subdivide the land.

Once the Subdivision was approved it can usually be completed independently of the construction of the units but each Council has different rules in this regard and you would need to contact us for specific details.