Contour and detail survey

Whether it is a large or small project, a Contour and Detail Survey is usually needed for range of reasons.

It will help your architect design your new home or units.

It will show them:

  • how much fall is on the land;
  • where the services are located;
  • where the storm water drains to,;
  • what’s on the adjoining properties;
  • the size and location of any trees on the land and other relevant details.

This same information also helps Council in deciding whether to support your application.

Shadows and loss of views are a huge cause for complaint from adjoining owners.

A well constructed Contour and Detail Survey will easily allow a Council Officer to determine whether a given complaint is valid.

For larger projects, such as multi lot subdivisions, a Contour and Detail Survey enables the thoughtful design of roads, reserves, drains and lots.

This helps to minimize tree removal, earthworks and other impacts on the environment.

The steepness of slopes and the location of vegetation are important factors in determining Bushfire Threat and these characteristics are measured and plotted allowing the accurate preparation of a Bushfire Risk Assessment.

People on rural properties also benefit enormously from Contour and Detail Surveys.

They can confidently establish the area of a given paddock making application rates a science instead of a guess.

They can plan dams, estimate crop yields and put a copy of the plan on the wall for use as their daily planner of what tasks require doing in which paddock.

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