Often council will require a Flora and Fauna report to be submitted if the development falls within a region that is deemed to contain vulnerable, rare, or threatened species.

Port Stephens Council for instance developed the Port Stephens Council Comprehensive Koala Plan of Management (CKPoM) as koalas are classified as a vulnerable and rare species.

What are Flora and Fauna?

Flora and fauna refer to plant and wildlife, respectively. The indigenous plant and wildlife of a geographical region is often referred to as that region’s flora and fauna. Both are collective terms, referring to groups of plant or wildlife specific to a region or a time period.

Le Mottee Group can perform a range of flora and fauna assessments.

  • Flora and Fauna survey and assessment
  • 7 Part Test (Assessment and Significance)
  • Bushfire Assessment
  • Tree ecological assessment
  • Habitat assessment
  • Koala assessment
  • Vegetation Management plans

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